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Gruesome Mysteries: Forensics Cracks the Case Once Again

For many of us, the area in which we live is filled with relative peace and tranquility. But, sometimes, a gruesome and brutal crime will occur in our community. And then suddenly, that harmony is turned upside down. Fortunately, modern … Continue reading

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May You Have a Merry Christmas!

It’s been an amazing year! Yes, there’s been some ups and downs, but there are always things that we can be thankful for. I cannot believe that it’s that holiday time once again. For me, it’s a time of reflection, … Continue reading

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Forensic Justice: 4 High-Profile Cold Murder Cases Solved by DNA

The continuing development of highly-accurate forensic science techniques is a fascinating study into the evolution of crime fighting and justice. Over the past decade, there’s been an explosion of cold cases being solved through the use of various forensic analysis … Continue reading

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Catch the Killer: 3 Historically Significant Criminal Profilers

Everyone seems to love a good criminal profiler story. A ruthless killer is on the loose. Law enforcement can’t seem to make any progress on the case. Then, some mastermind detective steps in. And using their investigation skills, along with … Continue reading

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6 Fascinating Advances in Forensic Science #Crime #Writing

Originally posted on Author Jennifer Chase:
Photo courtesy of Forensic science is a captivating topic, as evidenced by the droves of television shows and movies that dabble in the theme. The problem is – these programs, albeit entertaining, are…

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN: 31 Things That Scare Me

I thought I’d keep up with the yearly tradition and post what actually scares a criminologist and crime fiction author. Some things stay the same, but I’m always adding new ones to the list. So just in case you were … Continue reading

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Halloween Horror: 4 True-Life Stories of Holiday Terror

Halloween – the creepy holiday where people decide it’s okay to release their inner freak. And for the most part, it’s all in the name of fun. But sometimes, the creepiness goes too far and people wind up hurt. Or … Continue reading

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