2011 with a New Amazon Kindle

I recently purchased an Amazon Kindle with the basic wi-fi version during the holiday.  I want to make it clear that I’m not a “techie” electronic-oriented person.  I love my physical books and I keep all of my electronic devices very basic on a need to use basis.

I purchased the Kindle out of curiosity and the fact that my own books are on Kindle.  I also have been receiving ebooks via the computer and I don’t like sitting longer at my desk in order to read them.  I knew that I could return it if I didn’t like it, so I jumped into uncertain waters. 

I was surprised.  Let me emphasize, I’m really surprised.  I actually love my Kindle!  I know, I know, for those of you that know me personally are chuckling right now.  I seem to buck the system a little bit when it comes to newest technological gadgets.

I wanted to share some of my thoughts about Kindle.  This isn’t an intentional plug for Amazon, but rather, I wanted to share with you from my limited electronic point of view.


  • I received my Kindle quickly in two days with free shipping.  Great customer service and excellent packaging.
  • It’s simple to set up, the menus are clear and organized.
  • The font is nice, you can darken or lighten it to preference.  You can change the size of font too. 
  • You can search Google and Amazon.  You can order right from your Kindle (this is very cool).  You can also read magazines, newspapers, and blogs.
  • You can read in bright sunlight and there’s no glare (I tested this out for myself).
  • The text to speech is a nice feature (it isn’t applicable for all books).  Note: it’s a very electronic, computer voice, like what you hear when you call for customer support.
  • Long battery life makes it convenient.
  • This is a great reading device specifically for novels and an efficient way to store favorite titles.


  • I find that reading magazines, newspapers, and blogs to be annoying.  Remember, it’s a black and white screen and if you want to see photos of interest from various other sources, it’s a bit heavy and difficult to read.
  • For me personally, I would not use a Kindle to read textbooks, photography books, coffee table books, cookbooks, etc.  It’s too cumbersome to read on a Kindle.
  • The tiny keyboard is a little difficult to use, but you would probably wouldn’t use very often.  However, it’s a nice feature to make quick notes especially for book reviewers.


  • I would highly recommend that you purchase a case (I purchased a nice black, leather case).  It will protect it from scratches and everyday bumps and jostles. 
  • “Like” Amazon Kindle on Facebook.  There are some great tips posted.

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1 Response to 2011 with a New Amazon Kindle

  1. David Holmes says:

    When I can afford it I’ll probably talk myself into it, also. But, I’m morally anti Kindle because the return to the author is minimal.


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