Inspiration for Writing a Crucial Scene in Silent Partner

In creating my newest novel Silent Partner, I found that there are times some of the smallest things help to inspire a specific scene. Originally, this story was a screenplay that I wrote several years ago.  There’s a big difference between a screenplay and a novel.  A screenplay is written in a lean manner with action and dialogue to drive the story; whereas, a novel has more description and detail.  A novel can be written in third or fist person and you can literally get inside a character’s head.   

This lonely, creepy warehouse plays a pivotal location that takes place in Silent Partner.  As the book begins in chapter one…

“It was dark.  It was cold.  It was completely quiet.  There were no windows or doors.  Escape was futile.  There was a distinct smell of disinfectant along with a hint of mold that attacked the senses.  It made it difficult to breathe and air seemed to get trapped in the lungs without anywhere else to go.  The waiting game was only putting off the inevitable.  Death.” 

Again, later in the book this particular warehouse is visited again…

“Emily flipped on her small flashlight and aimed it into the warehouse from one side to the other and then across the floor.  It was perfect because it cast just enough light and wouldn’t attract any suspicious eyes needlessly.  The huge building was in complete disarray.  There were large crates, boxes of supplies, scaffoldings, lumber, and some miscellaneous tools.  Not to mention, it was thick with dirt and full of heavy cobwebs around every corner, wall, and window.  It was doubtful that this renovation project was ever going anywhere.”

Another character perspective…

“Inside the dark warehouse, Jack clicked on his flashlight and proceeded with caution.  He had his gun drawn, targeted, and could feel goose bumps form on his arms and the back of his neck. The building was heavily encrusted with dust and cobwebs.  The air was thick and had an old moldy smell to it.  There was an old rickety scaffolding, unused lumber, plastic utility buckets, paint cans, and two large storage containers.  Everything had been dumped and just left were the last workers had left them.  It was a strange feeling to see that a construction job was abandoned and no one had bothered to come back and pick up the supplies.”   

I find it interesting how the look of a particular location can lead to feelings of uneasiness.  This photograph conjured up many ideas.  Why would there be someone here?  What’s so creepy about it?  Does it play upon our fears?  What if you can’t escape?  Will anyone find you?

I delved into these questions and answered them in Silent Partner

Jennifer Chase
Award Winning Author & Criminologist

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