Psychopaths, Pathological Liars, and Scam Artists

Psychopaths aren’t always career criminals and serial killers, but many times they are because they can’t help themselves as they exhibit distinct patterns of behavior.  A psychopath is an individual who views others as sources of gratification and acts accordingly without remorse or conscience. 

Individuals who con others are generally psychopaths.  For the most part, we assume that most people are honest.  For a psychopath, they prey upon this trait and that’s why so many people hear only what “they” want them to hear.  Many times in relationships, the pathological liars or scam artists pace the relationship exactly how it will best suit their own needs.   For example, a romantic liar paces the relationship so that it becomes intense very quickly — to their advantage.   

Pathological liars tend to know more about your personal details than you know about theirs.  It is highly cautioned that before anyone jumps deep into a relationship that you know more about them.  Ask yourself, “What do I really know about them and is there evidence to back up the information that I’ve been told?”  Be cautious.  There’s nothing wrong with that.

Scam artists have certain behavior patterns and tactics for their victims.  They often try and isolate a person from their family and friends to limit the people that might help with a reality check on their story.  Often, they constantly keep track of a person’s whereabouts.

There are definite signs to look for with these types of psychopaths.  These people spend a lot of time talking about themselves, bragging about things that are larger than life, amused by cruelty, and many times have a constant need to borrow money by making excuses.

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