Screenwriting Top Ten Check List

Screenwriting is one of the most fun writing formats you can venture into with your creative voice.  It’s difficult not be enthusiastic when it comes to movies and screenwriting extends that passion.  To put action and dialogue to the ultimate test is both challenging and extremely enjoyable. 

Whether you’ve already written a screenplay or you’re in the process of creating one, I’ve put together a top ten list of things to keep you on track.  It’s my quick checklist that I keep in the back of mind at all times.  It’s important to take an honest assessment of your working screenplay from time to time. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Is there a hook or incident that makes the audience interested in your story?
  2. Does the protagonist have conflicts?  And, does the audience struggle with them?
  3. Does the protagonist change in some way?
  4. Does the antagonist have a particular interest in the protagonist?
  5. Does each of the scenes have an action and reaction?  Does it drive the storyline?
  6. Is there a solid plot point at the end of the first and second acts?
  7. Does the resolution make sense? 
  8. Have the subplots been set up appropriately and have resolutions?
  9. Have you conducted enough research for the storyline?
  10. Have you allotted enough time for rewrites.

Keep writing… keep creating… and keep reaching for your dreams…

If you want to kick your screenwriting skills into high gear and finish that first draft, check out my book: How to Write a Screenplay.

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