Top 5 Questions from my Latest Book Signing & Appearance

Thank you to everyone who braved the rain and came out to my book signing on Saturday in Gilroy, California!  It was great to meet you all!

Here are the beautiful hills that surround the city of Gilroy.



 I read a chapter from Silent Partner to introduce readers to Deputy Jack Davis and his four-legged partner Keno as they hunt down a local serial killer.  Also, I answered some wonderful questions.  I thought I’d share the top questions.

1.      What made you want to write about serial killers?

I’ve always been fascinated with the criminal mind and serial killers.  Basically, I want to know what makes criminals tick and why they choose to commit specific types of crimes, including serial crimes.  I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to be up close and personal with a violent psychopathic individual who moved in next door to me.  I was stalked and threatened on a regular basis for more than two years.  My curiosity grew about these types of people and it led to study them academically. 

2.      Do you write everyday?

I write six days a week.  In between novel projects, I generally take a break of a couple of weeks to recharge my creative energy.  My writing days are typically long (10-12 hours), but I find taking several breaks throughout the day helps to keep me rested and motivated.

3.      Did you research police and K9 procedures?

Yes, I researched specific areas such as crimes scenes, K9 procedures and training, and various mental disorders to write Silent Partner.  I spent time training with the police K9 with my own dog and I rode several shifts with a K9 unit.

4.      What made you decide on a K9 cop as your main character?

I enjoy reading and writing crime fiction.  I realized that most characters are police officers, FBI agents, and private investigators.  I wanted to give a little bit different perspective on the investigating officer and decided that police K9 was a fresher viewpoint for a storyline.

5.      Do you work in the field of criminology or forensics?

I consult on criminal and some civil cases.  I specialize in crime scene investigation and criminal profiling.  I’ve been asked to view cold cases, look at forensic evidence, crime scene photos, and witness and suspect interviews. 

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