Writing as a Lone Wolf or Being a Part of the Pack

As a writer, you have many options to consider besides what and how you’re going to write.  You can join a writing group, take a class, network with other writers online, bounce ideas off of your best friend, but ultimately writing is an endeavor that’s predominantly solitary.

If you look up the word “solitary”, there are so many lonely words that are associated with it, such as, preferring solitude, lone wolf, lonely existence, a solitary walk, lacking companions, hermit, recluse, and basically someone without others. 

That seems really depressing to me to look at it that way.  Then that would mean a writer is a solitary creature that must live a lonely existence in order to take that solitary walk.  I don’t think so…   

I choose to look at the long, arduous task of writing a full-length novel as stepping into a fantastic adventure where you are at the helm and can make all the decisions to help your characters get through their thrilling adventure.  Some characters may survive while others fall by the wayside, some may succeed just as others will failure.  It’s all at your discretion.  Technically, you’re not really alone I suppose.  Okay, maybe I seem like the term “lone wolf”, but you get the picture.

Writing definitely isn’t for everyone.  I do enjoy my time writing and can’t imagine myself being happy doing anything else, but I also try and balance my time with other activities, projects, and social engagements.  One of the things that I love the most is my constant companions that are always at my side when I write.  My two Labrador retrievers are always there for me to make me laugh, remind me that it’s time to go for a much needed walk, and to remember that there are important things in life.  They are truly my unwavering writing support team.

My advice to anyone thinking about writing a book or deciding to take up the solitary life of a writer is to remember that you’re not really alone.  Take the time to incorporate fun activities in your schedule.  And most of all, don’t forget to get back to writing!

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