Random Dozen Quick Questions for Author Jennifer Chase

I’m often asked creative and fun questions as I move through my writing projects. Some questions are from my interviews or just curious folks I’ve met.  Either way, these questions make me smile or laugh.  Here are a few of my latest questions that I’ve received.

Chunky or smooth peanut butter?

I don’t eat peanut butter very often, but I go with organic, chunky all the way.    

Dogs or cats?

I love animals, but I tend to enjoy the company more from big, rambunctious dogs.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

I absolutely LOVE ice cream.  It’s one of my food pitfalls.  My favorite flavor is butter pecan and a close second is chocolate chip.

Paperback or ebook?

Paperback.  However, I enjoy my Amazon Kindle.

Stairs or elevator?

I take the stairs at every possibility, unless I’m wearing high heels or other uncomfortable shoes then an elevator is a relief.

Butter or margarine?

Butter.  I try to eat natural things from the source that aren’t chemically altered in any way.

Coffee or tea?

Neither.  Am I weird or what?  There have been occasions that I drink hot or iced tea.  Coffee ick!

Rent a movie or go to a movie theater?

I mostly rent movies, then I can take a break whenever I want.  I’ve found that the noise and rude people at the movie theater frustrate me more as I get older.

What books are surrounding you on your desk right now?

Right at this moment, I have all three of my novels to help keep me inspired as I move forward onto my fourth book: Dark Mind: An Emily Stone Novel.  Also, I have Love You More by Lisa Gardner (ebook), Dead on Writing by Robert W. Walker (ebook), Blood & Water by John Walker (paperback), and Criminal Profiling by Brent Turvey (textbook).  Strange combo or what?         

To outline novels or not?

Outline.  I need a road map to explore all of my options including the dirt roads and off the beaten paths.

What annoys you the most?

Rude and mean people who want to take something from your hard work and success.  Life is too short for such negative energies.

What are your strongest qualities?

My drive and curiosity.  I would say that my curiosity about things pushes my drive, sometimes into overdrive.         

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