Photography Sunday — Novel Inspired

I love photography and I find it actually inspires storylines or specific scenes for a novel.  It’s a great way for me to change my perspective of work and to give myself a break.

I went back through some of my photo archives for the past six months and I realized that some of these photos inspire book covers.  They seem to express a mood or feeling for me.  What do you think?

Enjoy your weekend! 

Take some time out today to enjoy all the wonders!

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1 Response to Photography Sunday — Novel Inspired

  1. David Holmes says:

    My son is my cover artist and his biggest challenge is convincing the author that they are the writer, and he is the artist. He has had conflicts with authors who want the entire story explained on the cover. The cover art is designed to attract 3 seconds of a buyers attention. If enthused, they will turn the book over and make the decision to buy/not buy on what they read in the blurb. An eye catching photograph is a great tool for a great cover on a great book.


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