Photography Sunday — Relaxation and Sunsets

I was fortunate enough to get away last week for a couple of days for my anniversary.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect with the weather along the California coast with magnificent waves, sunny, cool days at the beach with migrating whales and dolphins.  I love this time of year here because the sunsets are breathtaking.

I’ve been in a giant whirlwind of work for several months trying to get my latest book out: Dark Mind.  Earlier in the year, I had some setbacks including some hateful people who wanted to destroy my writing career and blog.  My best revenge; I’m still here and going stronger than ever!

I want to personally thank all the people who have supported me during this time — you’re the best ever.  And, the new friends, readers, and fellow authors I’ve met  — you make the hard work all worthwhile.

It’s been a long and tiring process completing a new book, but extremely rewarding.  I’ve learned that it’s so important to stop, take a breath, and just enjoy where you are at the moment.  I realized that important fact when my husband and I sat on our patio at the resort getaway and watched the sunset turn from pink and yellow to brilliant purple and oranges. 

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to take a moment during this busy holiday season to enjoy the simple things in life.


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4 Responses to Photography Sunday — Relaxation and Sunsets

  1. Kudos to you Jennifer! I am going through the same thing you are going through right now with someone I thought I was helping. But like you I am going nowhere!

    I am happy you came through it stronger than before and as a supporter and a fan who knows you have what it takes, I know you will find much success!



  2. zencherry says:

    What a beautiful photo. Ahhh…and I’m so glad that you stuck in there. Poo poo on anyone who says otherwise. Your books rock! (So do you btw) 😉


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