5 Stars From Readers Favorite for Dark Mind

5 Star Book Review

Reviewed by Rita V for Readers Favorite

“Dark Mind”, an Emily Stone Novel is a mystery-thriller story written by Jennifer Chase. Emily Stone and Rick Lopez are police detectives madly in love and on vacation in Hawaii when they stumble upon a sex ring operation and learn that Cassie Thompson, a 9 year old girl, has been abducted and is being held by her grizzly captors. Emily and Rick must use their intuition and keen detective skills to locate Cassie and save her before she becomes enslaved in a child sex ring. In Kauai, a ritualistic murderer, Keo, abducts young women and drugs them to begin his sadistic sacrifice to the gods. The thrill of the chase keeps him focused with an increasing hunger for his next kill. With a monster stalking the island, and the body count rising, Emily and Rick cut their vacation short and turn their attention to hunt serial killers, pedophiles and child abductors.

Jennifer Chase does not disappoint in this remarkable mystery murder novel. The plot is well thought out and the chapters flow nicely from one subject to the next. The descriptive words and the use of imagery immerses the reader directly into the story among serial killers and evil perpetrators. The tension build-up blew me away as I could not put down this novel because I was so entwined in the mystery and suspense. I felt as if I was right by Emily and Rick’s sides as they put the puzzle pieces together in tracking down a sadistic serial killer. This book had me on the edge of my seat in fear and contains many twists and turns that I had not seen coming. I absolutely love a great mystery murder novel and could easily see this novel turned into a television series or motion picture movie. I highly recommend this book for all avid mystery readers and am greatly looking forward to the next novel written by Jennifer Chase.


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  1. Congrat’s on the awesome review, Jennifer. That’s a review authors would die for. 🙂


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