Violent Crime Numbers Drop Again

As we enjoy all of the festivities of the holiday season, and Christmas is now less than a week away, it’s nice to be able to share some good news about what is happening on our streets!

The FBI released a report on Monday showing that the number of violent crimes that occurred in this country during the first six months of the year decreased 6.4% when compared with the same time period last year.  This includes murder, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.  These numbers reflect the continuation of a downward trend that has been occurring for the past several years.  Property crimes are shown to be falling as well.

While there is frustration and financial hardship stemming from an economy that is still struggling, it is wonderful to see that the statistics fly in the face of the possible assumption that high unemployment numbers and many households in which budgets are being stretched would lead to more crime.  The amazing work of law enforcement officials at all levels certainly needs to be commended as they work tirelessly to keep our communities safe.  I have to imagine the always improving technology that is used to track criminals and their activities, as well as the many ways in which different departments can now communicate with one another, have helped in their efforts.

While she may be a work of fiction, Emily Stone does her part to fight crime within the pages of my novels and I like to think that she would contribute to those lowered crime numbers if actually serving on a squad somewhere.  If you have yet to meet Emily and discover her passion for tracking down the worst predators in society, please check out my latest release, Dark Mind.  When a serial killer stalks the island of Kauai looking for female victims to sacrifice to his god, Emily Stone and her trusted friends canvass the evil shadows within this piece of paradise to bring him to justice.  I hope you will give it a read and let me know what you think! 

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