Taking the Journey Down the Green Path…

Paper or plastic? Paperback or ebook?

Green please…

I have recently found myself paying more attention to becoming less wasteful and more conscious of what “green” actually means.  I think about my driving by consolidating my trips and I’m more aware of my garbage accumulation.

Green is a term that we hear almost every day, but what does it really mean to you?  I posed that exact question to myself recently.

Many grocery stores have evolved from the “paper or plastic” question and are trying to inspire customers to bring their own bags.  I’ve stepped up and have several canvas bags when I don’t use the reusable, two-handled paper ones.  I admit it, sometimes it’s not always convenient or I forget to bring them in my haste.

I’m vigilant about my paper, plastic, glass, aluminum items and make sure that I recycle in my home.  I’m one of those fussy consumers that prefer, even take extra steps, to find grocery items in glass instead of plastic.  In fact, I’m annoyed that I cannot buy my natural soda pop, some mineral waters, and mayonnaise in glass anymore.

Plastic is like one of those scary, ghostlike monsters that seems to hide in the shadows, under the bed, in dark alleys, in our imaginations, in haunted buildings, and then all of a sudden they have taken over the world like a zombie apocalypse.

I live about ten minutes from some beautiful beaches and fantastic wildlife in California.  I visit these areas often, but not without an extra bag and a plastic glove (learned the hard way) to pick up the garbage that has accumulated from visitors.  It’s amazing to see the amount of Starbucks cups, empty plastic water bottles, and straws that I’ve found over the years tossed carelessly onto the beaches and walking trails.

One of the big conversations (or debates) that seems to be on everyone’s lips is the explosion of ebooks. 

Are they here to stay?  

Yep, no doubt.  I love ebooks, but that’s not to say that I don’t love my physical books as well.  There is definitely a place for the growing number of ebooks on the market.

I recently found some interesting points about going green with ebooks:

  • Ebooks are cheaper to produce, saving time and trees.
  • Ebooks are instant and often cheaper than paperback books (sometimes even free).
  • Ebooks are helpful for people with disabilities, fonts bigger, audio, and portable.
  • Ebooks are faster to publish, update, and correct.
  • Ebooks have links to websites for more information about the book or subject matter.
  • Ebooks can be purchased from a computer, reading device, or phone any time.
  • Ebooks inspire new and old generations to read with the ease of purchase and storage.

I hope with the popularity of ebooks that it will bring more people to read, daydream, inspire, and learn.

What are some of the ways you’re journeying down the green path?

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2 Responses to Taking the Journey Down the Green Path…

  1. All the ways you list, Jennifer, I am using as well. I’m about 2 hrs. from the coast in CA, and every time I visit (at least 4x a year) I do the same. I visit the Sierras more (only 30 min. from my doorstep) and do the same, but remove less trash, thankfully. I think the hiker motto of “pack in, pack out” is ingrained now. I agree, too about eBooks. Although we use electricity to read them, that does not necessitate cutting down more trees, and the ease with which we can acquire them far outstrips paper books…even when ordered online through Amazon – more trees with the paper to print, the box to ship and the receipt included.

    Keep going Green people, and keep buying eBooks!


  2. Yes I like the advent of ebooks also but there is still a niggle at the back of mind that comes from an innate conventionality telling me I need to be published properly!


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