And the Nominees Are…

I love these unexpected surprises!  I just received the Versatile Blogger Award.  Woohoo!  A very special hank you to the lovely and talented author and poet Jo VonBargen for this wonderful honor!

Here are the rules:

1. In a post on your, blog, nominate 15 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.

2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award photo.

3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.

4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.

5. In the same post, include this set of rules.

6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs. (I tweeted everyone)

Now, some random facts about me:

  1. I despise drinking coffee (yuck!), but I love coffee ice cream.
  1. Watching horror movies is a favorite entertainment of mine. I turn off all of the lights in the house and watch a scary slasher movie all alone.
  1. I didn’t like to play with dolls as a child, but preferred the company of my stuffed animals with tea time.
  1. I secretly want to be Nancy Drew.
  1. I’ve been given the casual title of being an “honorary member” of a police department.
  1. I write all my books barefooted.  However, there have been some days I opt for a nice pair of warm socks.
  1. My favorite place to recharge my internal battery and reflect on various things in my life is walking along the beach shoreline.

Now, more importantly, here are my nominees in no particular order:

Richard Hale Thriller & paranormal author and all around fun guy

Jason McKinney Horror writer and zombie/werewolf guru

Kim The Bookworm  Fabulous book blogger, awesome book reviews, and a lovely person

Art Smukler Award winning author and psychiatrist

Lisa Page Rosenberg Writer, blogger, mom of Bob, and “because family is funny”

Gary Starta Thriller and sci-fi author

Donna Galanti Thriller writer and fantastic interviewer

Maureen Hovermale Writer and book reviewer with a wonderful, fun sense of humor

Stephen Woodfin Author, writer and venture specialist

John Walker  Revenge thriller author with a zany sense of humor

Robert Bidinotto Vigilante thriller author, award winning writer, and mentor for indie authors

Benjamin Sobieck Crime author, writer, and fellow crime enthusiast

Laurie Hanan  Mystery writer and very cool aficionado of Hawaii

Andy Rane Suspense author and interviewer extraordinaire

Amy Tupper  Fantasy author, blogger, and writer

Congratulations to all Versatile Blogger Award Nominees!

Be sure to check out all these wonderful blogs!

About jchasenovelist

Published thriller author, criminologist, and blogger.
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6 Responses to And the Nominees Are…

  1. sobe0301 says:

    Thank you! How did you know to send me an early birthday present (it’s tomorrow)? I’m humbled by your kindness and incredible wealth of crime knowledge. I’ll be sure to follow up on my own blog.


  2. My birthday is in less than two weeks and this is an early gift. Thank you, Jennifer!


  3. Happy Birthday Ben! 🙂 I’m so glad that we connected.


  4. What fun! thanks for including me – and on the same day I have you on my blog! Full circle blog love 😉 I will be passing this along as well to blogger wonders I know!


  5. jvonbargen says:

    Many thanks, Jennifer, you are sooo worthy!! I’ll definitely check out your nominees. Have a great week!!


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