Beagle Brings Home Human Skull

If you have a dog that likes to spend time outdoors, you can expect that interesting “gifts” will be brought to your door every once in a while.  Perhaps a bird or a mole will fall victim to your pet’s instincts.  But, you probably don’t think that when you call your dog’s name to return home, he will have a human skull clenched between his teeth.  One owner in New Mexico, however, did have such an experience last weekend.

A beagle in Gallup, New Mexico found a skull that authorities believe belongs to a man between the ages of 35 and 45 years old who probably died about three years ago.  When authorities from the Gallup Police Department then searched a field near the canine’s home, more bones were discovered that likely belong to the same individual.  Police officials have stated that there is a lead concerning the identity behind these bones, but not much else is known at this point.

As readers of this blog and everyone who knows me is aware, I love animals and particularly dogs.  My own dogs are a beloved part of my family.  And in one of my novels, Silent Partner, I try to offer some insight into the special relationship that exists between police officers and the highly trained dogs with which they serve.  While this New Mexican beagle may not have had the official preparation of his friends in the K-9 unit, he certainly did his part to solve a crime and perhaps finally offer some answers to a grieving family.

I love reading stories about dogs that play a role, either intentional or accidental, in the criminal justice system.  They are always a great reminder of the instincts and natural talents that these great animals have.

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2 Responses to Beagle Brings Home Human Skull

  1. Interesting story, but I hope that my beagles never bring a human skull home.


  2. Dear God but I can see one of our dogs doing that. We spend every other weekend filling in their holes. As ghastly as that may have been for the owner, I find solace that it will bring closure to a family missing a son, father, and/or brother.


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