Take a Thrilling Leap into the Unknown and Celebrate!


This is about the time that we take a good look at what we have done, what we want to do, make some plans or resolutions, and then we make a few changes for a brand new year.  It is exciting, it can be somewhat terrifying, but overall it feels good to clean the slate and begin again.  Along the way, we look at our blessings and take a moment to count them.  I know I do.

You cannot look back and regret anything or worry about the future and what it might bring.  It is a new year and the possibilities are truly endless.  Yes, there will be ups and downs, but that’s how we grow and appreciate what we do have in our lives.  So take that faithful leap into the unknown because you never know really what you can do unless you take the plunge.

As for me, 2013 will produce two new novels, one new mystery/thriller series, a few short stories, along with numerous cold cases to review.  I’m excited!  I appreciate so much all my faithful readers, followers, family, and friends.  Thank you all for making 2012 a wonderful year for me.  Cheers!

May your year be filled with an abundance of joy and plenty of laughter along with way!

Happy New Year!

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Published thriller author, criminologist, and blogger.
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3 Responses to Take a Thrilling Leap into the Unknown and Celebrate!

  1. It is nice to clean the slate. Happy New Year!


  2. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of 2012 with you, Jennifer. Here’s to you and yours on another outstanding year!


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