VENTURE GALLERIES Awarded DEAD BURN Best Cover Design for a Crime Novel


What a wonderful way to begin my week with an award for my upcoming novel DEAD BURN!  It will be the fourth EMILY STONE THRILLER.  I was taken back by the honor of the cover award and I’m very humbled by it. Thank you so much to the judges at Venture Galleries!

DeadBurn_bestcovI designed this cover.  I’m definitely not a graphic artist and I leave that for the professionals.  But, I love photography and spend much of my off time as a shutterbug roaming around the coastline.

With this cover, I wanted to merge two stock images in order to create the theme of the story.  I wanted a creepy serial killer feeling but keeping within the mystery crime genre.

DEAD BURN is scheduled to be released on March 15, 2013.  I will keep you posted on the dates and availability.

Be sure to visit the Venture Galleries website for great articles, artists, books, and more best cover designs.  You can view the posting and synopsis of DEAD BURN at this LINK.


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  1. Congratulations! What an awesome cover!!


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