Cold Weather Keeps the Criminals Inside

Photo Courtesy AP

Photo Courtesy AP

If you are reading this blog post from somewhere in the United States, chances are you are someplace cold. This winter has brought Arctic temperatures to places not used to seeing the thermometer go below freezing and then parked those single digits in the air for days at a time. We all saw the photos of what Atlanta looked like following a covering of ice and snow on the city. Even school systems like the one in Chicago, with a population certainly used to bitter cold and getting around in snow, were forced to shut down and surrender to Mother Nature.

But if you want to look at this winter with a glass half full approach as you layer up those sweaters and scarves for yet another day, here’s a positive note—several cities are reporting that violent crime is down due to the bad weather!

Just this week local news outlets in Michigan, North Carolina and Indiana have released stories about the fact that even the criminals are being deterred from traveling the streets. Home invasions, store robberies, car thefts and other crimes that require braving the elements have seen a dip. Officials warn, though, that other problems can take their place. For instance, more people home from work and perhaps more alcohol consumed without the responsibility of a job for a day or two means that there can be an increase of calls to homes for arguments and instances of domestic abuse.

Criminals are human, too. That’s why we study them and are so fascinated by their psychology. If we all tend to be affected by family and media and even the weather, why do some of us head down a path of crime while others do not?

Bundle up, everyone. Spring will be here soon. Until then, may the icy roads and below zero wind chill temperatures keep everyone on their best behavior.


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