Brazil Arrests One of World’s Most Active Serial Killers

handcuffed_man1A serial killer who has confessed to his crimes was arrested in Brazil this past week, and the number of people he is believed to have murdered makes him one of the most active of such criminals in modern history.

During interrogation by law enforcement, Tiago Rocha blogpost1admitted to killing thirty-nine people in only the past year and a half, primarily women and members of the homeless community. Including in this count were six women whose murders were connected to the gun recently found in Rocha’s home. While Rocha’s attorney insists that his client is innocent and the professions of guilt were made during intense questioning, many others say that Rocha’s cold descriptions of his victims, to whom he referred only by the number corresponding with the order they represent in his killing spree, and his acts of violence point to a guilty man with a lot of rage.

Ironically, Tiago Rocha worked as a security guard prior to his capture by authorities. So a man who was responsible for the safety of others turned out to be the worst nightmare of at least three dozen individuals who were shot during what Rocha pretended to be a robbery attempt before killing his victims and then fleeing. Rocha is said to have told police that he committed these murders as a way of reducing his anxiety.

If you look at a photo of Rocha, like the one I have posted above, you can sense an emptiness and lack of human connection in his eyes. And with such a characteristic, he joins the ranks of other serial killers who appeared to be normal and functioning members of society until you really looked into their eyes. It is unfortunate that we often cannot see the evil until it is too late.

I have spent a good part of my career learning and then writing about the criminal mind. What makes a man like Tiago Rocha determine that murder is the best way to relieve stress? Why did he choose the victims that he did? In the coming days and weeks, I hope we will find out more and learn from what is discovered.


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