Indian Man Kills His Daughter’s Alleged Rapist

IndiaWhen you see a horrible crime described on the evening news, do you ever stop and think about what you would do if someone you loved was a victim of such brutality? I imagine it must be incredibly difficult for the parents of a murdered child to sit in a courtroom and stare at the person who is accused of harming their son or daughter without wanting to lunge in rage. It is our natural instinct to protect and defend those we love.

In my series of novels featuring Emily Stone, the protagonist takes it upon herself to seek vigilante justice for some of the most vicious criminals lurking in society. Recently in India, a man took matters into his own hands in exacting what he believed to be appropriate punishment for his 14-year-old daughter’s alleged rapist.

Vinod Kumar invited his neighbor over for dinner but after the meal was complete, they did not sit around with a glass of wine and talk about current events. Instead, Kumar gagged his guest, burned his genitals, and then strangled him. Kumar turned himself into police the next day and is now in jail facing murder charges.

It can be difficult when you are told to let the legal system do its job in punishing violent criminals, especially in a country like India in which rape is often excused or turned around to be a point of shame for the victim and her family. But is there also some danger in one man determining the fate of another before guilt has been verified? Does this perpetuate the cycle of violence?

What do you think? Placing yourself in the position of parent whose child has been the victim of an awful crime, could you see wanting to seek revenge by your own hands?


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