It is Unanimous!

5star-shiny-hrIt is very exciting that my latest thriller DARK PURSUIT has been given 5-stars from  three reviewers at Readers’ Favorite. I wanted to share one of those reviews. Writing is definitely a journey with ups and downs, but the rewards outnumber the lows.  I appreciate all of the support of readership for my Emily Stone Series! Thank you!

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DarkPursuitReviewed by Paul Johnson for Readers’ Favorite (5-Stars)

Emily Stone, former police officer, is a vigilante detective who spends her time hunting down serial killers, particularly those that prey on children. Because of her exceptional profiling skills, she and her partner-lover Rick have closed more serial cases than many seasoned homicide detectives. Her prolific profiling skills and outstanding forensic techniques, along with deductive crime scene investigations, have set her up as major thorn in the side of many serial killers.

This story opens with a vehicle pursuit that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. At the end of the chase, Emily learns the true identity of the killer and almost loses her life in the process. The killer decides to let her live, at least for a while. In this book, Emily and Rick (a former detective), are hunting the Tick-Tock Killer, a serial killer who targets children. The killer is mocking the authorities by telling them where he will dump the next body. This creates a heightened sense of urgency for everyone concerned. Can Emily find and stop him before another child becomes a victim…

The fast-paced action and plot momentum keep the reader’s attention to the very end. Although this book is part of a series, there is an extensive back-story that fills the reader in on why and how Emily has chosen to pursue this career. The author has created a strong female protagonist that shows strengths and weaknesses. Her characterization is well developed and the plotting is superior as well. I recommend this book for anyone that enjoys great, well-written thrillers.

You can read all three reviews here at Readers’ Favorite.


Take a sneak peek into the life of vigilante detective Emily Stone in a film short based on the award-winning series.  I would love to hear what you think of the kick-ass heroine!



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