What Inspires My Writing

SunsetI love writing action thrillers, but I find it necessary to take breaks to clear my mind and just relax. This is especially true when my mind is full of serial killers and crime scenes! Everyone should find something that will lessen the load of stress and recharge your battery.

One of my favorite hobbies is photography. CaliforniaValleyI have always loved the outdoors, nature, and the beach. I am fortunate to live near the beach and I seize the opportunity whenever possible to take a walk – I call it my photo walk of recreation. When I go for a walk, everything inspires me – the details of the outdoors, the colors, the sounds, and the vibrant wildlife.

I am an extremely driven person, which is good on some levels but it can let anxious energy to creep into the mind and body. GardenAbout six years ago, I had my first panic attack driving home from an errand. For those of you who have experienced anxiety and panic attacks, it is quite a scary and unsettling occurrence. I had to reevaluate my life and how I approach stress and work – including how I perceive situations around me.

I started to realize that when I looked through the lens of a camera, nothing else mattered at that exact moment. It was as if time stands still and what had been weighing on me disappeared.

I love beautiful and brilliant sunsets, MorroBaybut my favorite type of photograph is black and white. I find myself imagining most images through the lens in a black and white picture. Oftentimes, the photo is more dramatic as the various shades of grey Barnbring out the beauty or uniqueness of a subject. I pay extra attention to plants, vistas, old buildings, strange anomalies, and abandoned areas. DoorwayI find the most interesting subjects when I’m driving to do errands, because I try to take different routes whenever possible. I think about my settings in my books and there have been a few locations that made their way into my Emily Stone Series.

Writing inspiration is a form of relaxation, at least for me, and I have found three essential elements combined that makes for an ideal balance.

Balance is the initial key to alleviating stress. It lifts the heavy burdens of the stressful things that overrides everything else. Going for a casual walk and documenting what you see helps to keep that balance.Cala

Focus maintains a directive that only matters at one specific moment in time. It allows details, colors, and hidden things to become clearer in the outdoor world. By focusing on what is through the lens, it helps to connect that important focus instead of everything else that bombards our days.Waves

Creativity is crucial to free your mind and continue to provide the constant flow of ideas. I try to maintain my creative thoughts with everything I do and the result helps to keep a calmer stability.  After a photo walk, my mind is clearer and I’m ready to write that next chapter with more energy and enthusiasm.


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  1. donko679 says:

    Beautiful photos Jen! Your camera shoots are as good as Emily Stone shooting her Glock! 🙂

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