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Toys_scriptwriting“If we experienced life through the eyes of a child everything would be magical and extraordinary. Let our curiosity, adventure, and wonder of life never end.”              ~Akiane Kramarik

Many times I have been asked when I first began writing and at what point did I want to become a writer. As a child, we have many hopes and dreams. And sometimes, these dreams do come true, but maybe not exactly as we had envisioned.

I have loved books for as long as I can remember.  I would spent weekly visits at the library and would borrow as many books as my little arms could carry. Stories about animals were my favorite. It was no secret, but I was a child of the dreaded “flashcards” phenomenon, which meant that I could read and add and subtract equations before I attended the first grade.

I was about four-years-old when I devised a new slant for my tea table guests. You see, I did not like to play with dolls, but rather I would play with my stuffed animal menagerie. Imagine if you will, that I would arrange my animals from my favorite bears, dogs and wild cats around the table. I did not stop at that – I took tiny pieces of paper and wrote simple lines for each character. It was perhaps simple chitchat or a silly comment. I guess that was my first rough draft of a screenplay!

I guess the moral to the story is that you never know when or how you will become a writer, author, and yes, even a criminologist when you are young. The tricks is to stay young at heart and always see through the eyes of a child.

Would love to hear your comments on how you see the world and writing as a child.


Research and Writing Tip:

The next time you are outlining a new storyline, try to imagine what your characters would say to each other if they were sitting around a table. It does not have to be a child’s teatime table of course; it could be a boardroom table or a quiet corner table in a restaurant. Then turn the tables and imagine your characters as children. What would they say or do? What would their mannerisms be? Would any of them get up and leave. It is a great way to begin to profile your characters. You’ll be amazed by the growth and depth that will emerge from your characters.


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