Why Write about Serial Killers?

Author Jennifer Chase

manwithmaskOne of the most common questions that I receive from readers is, “What made you want to write about serial killers?”

To answer that question, I must first answer the question of what made me study and obtain degrees in police forensics and criminology. I have a fascination with forensic science and how it is applied in order to solve a crime. Over the past ten years, there has been an incredible amount of scientific breakthroughs in DNA profiling and fingerprint identification to name a few. The other areas in forensic science must not be overlooked, such as voice analysis, impression evidence, and criminal profiling. All of these areas of forensic science are important tools for identifying and locating the “bad guy”.

A quote from Joe Nickell and John F. Fischer’s book Crime Science, Methods of Forensic Detection sums up the importance of forensics in my mind. It puts forensics…

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