Serial Killers: Not Just an American Problem

Author Jennifer Chase

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Not just in America – but across the world – people have been plagued throughout recent history by the wicked actions of serial killers. Unnervingly, these living monsters – and their menacing eyes, disturbing thoughts and horrific acts – prey upon the innocent across the globe.

Although often glorified in the media, make no mistake about it – serial killers are of one society’s darkest creations. Here are three of arguably the most depraved serial killers who have hunted outside of America’s borders.

 Pedro Rodrigues Filho (Brazil)

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In 2003, the Brazilian courts convicted Filho for his maniacal killing spree, which spanned from 1967 to 1973. Filho is credited with 71 confirmed kills, but many suspect that this number is well over 100. Fliho’s homicidal actions began at the ripe old age of 14 with the murder of a local town official…

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