DARK PURSUIT: Crime Category Winner and 2016 BookViral Millennium Book Award Finalist


I’m extremely excited to be one of the six finalists and representing the CRIME category for the 2017 BookViral Millennium Book Award. Thank you to all my readers and fans of the Emily Stone Series. Without you, it would not have been possible. 

You can VOTE for DARK PURSUIT and show your support. If you’ve already voted during the semi-final phase, thank you. You don’t need to vote again.


BookViral’s Review:

Immediately addictive, the nail biting opening chapter from DARK PURSUIT sets the tone for this uncompromising and compelling thriller from international award winning author Jennifer Chase. A high stakes read, it’s clever, fast paced and inventive, the action evolving in tightly focused scenes, played out against a gamut of decidedly harrowing settings. The plot is enthralling and always plausible with Chase only delving into the  detail when her narrative demands it, but what really makes this thriller so notable are her characters and Emily Stone makes for a powerful and highly memorable female lead. She lives in a world rendered in shades of grey, she’s flawed and heroic with moments of vulnerability and great resolve and this creates a real sense of place and purpose without falling back on trite genre tropes. With her dominant personality cleverly contrasted against Ricks they make a sublime pairing whilst Emily wrestles with her inner conflicts. In the vein of all great crime thrillers it’s both cleverly connived and thought provoking.

Undeniably harrowing at times, certainly entertaining, DARK PURSUIT isn’t for the faint hearted, but fans of the Emily Stone series will lap it up. Sure to win a host of new followers for Jennifer Chase. It is highly recommended!



You can VOTE for DARK PURSUIT here


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