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What Have We Learned From Serial Killers?

“Most police investigators will argue that anybody can become a criminal type simply by committing a crime and being processed through the justice system.  We are hypothesizing, however, that serial murdering is a form of disease rather than a lifestyle, … Continue reading

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What Do Crime Scenes Tell Us?

Understanding and interpreting a crime scene is much like a three-dimensional puzzle, generally with more questions than answers.  However, the exigent circumstances are that the investigator needs to come up with some answers immediately and hopefully the name and whereabouts … Continue reading

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Are There Similarities Between Serial Killers and Serial Rapists?

I believe that law enforcement, criminal profilers, and private investigators can learn more about the dynamics of serial killers and their crimes by studying cases of serial rapists.  It has been determined by the way that victims are chosen, plan … Continue reading

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Computer Thief Unknowingly Creates His Own Mug Shot

We all have been made aware through cable news stories, magazine articles, and our own friends about the crimes that can be committed using a computer.  There is the growing menace of cyberbullying, through which (mostly) young people leave cruel … Continue reading

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Studying the Darker Side of Humanity

There are literally tons of books written about serial killers.  You can get somewhat of a hideous picture in your mind of these dark, disturbed individuals written about in books (fiction/nonfiction) and in the movies.  We shudder to think about … Continue reading

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What Exactly is a Death Investigator?

Death investigation is the most important aspect of a medical examiner, coroner, or death investigator’s basic professional duty.  Death investigators play a key role in all types of death scenes; they contribute to the successful death scene investigation along with, … Continue reading

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Jack & Keno Fight Crime in Silent Partner

Police K9 units are sometimes the unsung heroes of law enforcement.  Most people don’t know much about them, except the fact that these chosen patrol officers have a four-legged partner instead of a human partner.  And of course, the fact … Continue reading

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