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Mass Shootings and the Complexity of Crime — Profiler, Forensic Scientist Brent Turvey

“Crime is complex; evidence is complex; and people are complex.” “…the less one knows about something, the simpler and more certain things seem. While illusions are convenient, allowing us to pretend that we have achieved some level of understanding so … Continue reading

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Man Who Targeted Homeless Now Accused of Killing Family Friends

Last month, I posted a piece about an assumed serial killer who was targeting homeless men in California.  Just a day after the article went up on my blog, the suspected murderer was arrested and identified as 23-year-old Itzcoatl Ocampo.  … Continue reading

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Parents of Connecticut Killer Testify

When it comes to the study of forensic psychology, it’s probably safe to assume that no criminal gets more attention than a brutal killer.  We are simultaneously fascinated and terrified by someone who could beat, rape, torture, and murder, often … Continue reading

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