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FBI Profiling of SERIAL KILLERS: 3 Notorious Cases

In 1972, the FBI established the Behavioral Science Unit (BSU). The unit’s goal was straightforward. It wanted to develop law enforcement techniques, procedures and tactics that focused on the psychology and behavior of violent criminals. To that end, two men … Continue reading

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Do You Know the Name of the Most Prolific Serial Killer in British History?

I came upon an article recently about the serial killer who holds the sad record of murdering the most people in Great Britain.  While your thoughts may automatically turn to someone with the likes of Jack the Ripper or perhaps … Continue reading

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Discovered Vial of Serial Killer’s Blood May Connect More Victims

My area of specific interest may be forensic psychology, but I am fascinated by forensics in all of its applications.  I am regularly amazed by how experts can use a piece of clothing, a strand of hair, or a few … Continue reading

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