Maryland Man Sent to Jail after Secretly Taping Hundreds of Women

Surveillance equipment is often a critical component in solving crimes.  The security camera at the bank can capture a clear image of a robber’s face.  Hidden microphones can be used to record threats or discussions concerning an illegal transaction.  Even everyday citizens have become instant detectives by holding up their cell phones and getting video of suspicious activity around them.  Sometimes, though, this equipment can be used to commit a crime. 

A man in Maryland has been sentenced to ten years in jail after being caught with videos secretly taken of 260 different women over the past six years.  He broke into his victims’ homes and then recorded them undressing, getting out of the shower, or sleeping.  Many of the women in the videos have yet to be identified. 

What a terrifying breach of privacy, to know that a strange man was standing somewhere near you and recording your private moments.  It is amazing to me that he was unable to engage in this criminal activity long enough to record so many women without getting caught.  The man, Charles Novak, was finally arrested after a woman found him sitting in a car in her garage.

Novak’s attorney has said that his client is obsessive-compulsive and wants to seek help for his problem.   At least for now, he can seek that help while woman in his neighborhood feel safe in knowing that he will not be able to break into their homes and violate their sense of safety. 

In my three published novels, I examine both the positive and negative consequences of our amazing technology and focus on the psychology behind people’s decisions.  If you have not read Compulsion, Dead Game, and Silent Partner, I hope you will check them out!

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2 Responses to Maryland Man Sent to Jail after Secretly Taping Hundreds of Women

  1. Jennifer, Of the three books, which is your favorite, the one you think you did the best job on? I’ll pick it up.

    Dave Holmes


  2. Hi Dave,

    That’s always so difficult to say… but Dead Game won an award 🙂 Even though it’s a part of a series, it’s also a stand alone novel. I can send you a complimentary, signed copy if you would like to review (ebook or paperback). Send me your mailing address via email.



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