31 Things That Scare Me

It’s Friday and I wanted to have a little fun!  Who said criminologists don’t have a sense of humor?  I want names…

I thought in keeping with the upcoming October holiday season with Halloween rapidly approaching, I would list some things that frighten me.

Just in case you were wondering what scares a thriller writer…

Here’s my frightening list in random order:

1.                   People text messaging when they drive.

2.                  Cleaning the cat litter box.

3.                  Men who wear socks with sandals.

4.                  People with two first names.

5.                  Children that know more about technology than I do.

6.                  Beets, Brussell sprouts, and kale.

7.                  The rapidly increasing size of the ordinary garden gopher.

8.                 Ambient temperatures over 75 degrees.

9.                 Rats in the attic.

10.              Actually knowing the words to many 80s songs.

11.              Not getting enough sleep.

12.              Hearing someone following me on my nature walk, but finding out nobody’s there and it was just my imagination.

13.              Feeling completely comfortable reading and studying serial killers and crime scenes.

14.              Not being able to buy new shoes.

15.              Bees.

16.              Enjoying television reruns.

17.              Knowing when the phone is about to ring.

18.              Thinking that superheroes are forensic scientists and cold case detectives.

19.              Relating to Sigourney Weaver’s character “Helen Hudson” in the 1995 movie Copycat.

20.              Cooking, cleaning, and weeding.

21.              Not enough hours in the day.

22.              People who don’t like black dogs or black cats.

23.              The increasing number of endangered species lists.

24.              People without a sense of humor.

25.              Predatory people looking for child victims.

26.              Fast food French fries having a shelf life of 100 years or more.

27.              Absolutely one hundred and ten percent can’t live without watching or reading spine tingling thrillers, terrifying horror, and spooky science fiction.

28.              Feeling comfortable in my own shoes.

29.              Not knowing what’s around every corner.

30.              Making this scary list.

31.              Not being able to write everyday.

Notice how I didn’t say taking a shower alone at a deserted motel….

So, what scares you?

* * *

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2 Responses to 31 Things That Scare Me

  1. Alan Gettis says:

    Great list! However, I actually like kale, beets, and Brussell sprouts. Now, that must really scare you! And, yes, it certainly seems that criminologists do have a sense of humor!


  2. zencherry says:

    I’m slightly afraid of people who say they want their steak to moo and those twins in the movie The Shining. Give me Jack Nicholson with the axe and I’ve a fighting chance. At least he doesn’t disappear. 😉
    Great post!


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