Missouri Baby Now Missing for a Week

A couple in Missouri is experiencing what is certainly every parent’s worst nightmare as their baby girl has now been missing for a week.  Lisa Irwin’s father discovered that she was not in her crib when he returned from work around 4:00am last Monday night.  Authorities have searched around 300 residences in the area, as well as a landfill and creek, but there are still no signs of the ten-month-old girl. 

Even though Jeremy Irwin came home to the unusual discovery of his front door unlocked and many of the lights on inside the home, police officers are looking at evidence that an intruder entered through a bedroom window and appears to have abducted baby Lisa.

Kansas City Police Captain Steve Young had expressed concern several days ago that the parents had stopped cooperating with the investigation, which both parents deny, but reports that they are now working with police once again.  Of course, this detail has led many in the court of public opinion to have suspicions about possible involvement by the mom or dad.  In fact, a recent news report states that the mom expects to be arrested because the police continue to focus on her possible involvement.

If it turns out that a stranger did take Lisa Irwin and her parents are simply overwhelmed and desperate with grief, then this added pain of accusation must be difficult to bear.  If the parents played a role in whatever has happened to Lisa, then I hope justice will be served as needed.  In any case, it is best not to jump to conclusions and to let the police do their work.

More important right now than who took Lisa Irwin is getting her home safe.  Once that happens, then the legal system can do its job and hand out the deserved consequences.

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3 Responses to Missouri Baby Now Missing for a Week

  1. Poor little thing, hope she is safe!


  2. These types of stories are heartbreaking and difficult to read about… I hope that she is found and brought home safe soon.


  3. zencherry says:

    Just look at that little baby. My heart is just breaking. My hope is that it’s all just a horrible mistake and that she’ll home safely soon.


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