Murder Charges Filed in 2008 Killings of Two Oklahoma Girls

In yet another example of the fine members of our law enforcement not resting until a crime is solved, even if it takes years, a 25-year-old man was arrested in Oklahoma on Friday in connection with the shooting deaths of two girls in 2008.

Most of you will remember the story of Skyla Jade Whitaker and Taylor Paschal-Placker, two friends from the small, rural town of Weleetka who were found shot multiple times along a dirt road.  The girls had been on their way to the river bank to collect shells and pebbles.  Their deaths, which took place less than half a mile from one of the girl’s homes, shocked everyone and made residents of that town look at their assumed sense of safety a little differently.

The mystery of who could have killed these two innocent kids has hung over this tight-knit community for more than three years, with posters and billboards remaining in place pleading for information.  Many assumed that the killer would have to be local to the area, as the dirt road on which  the girls were traveling was too remote to happen upon by accident. 

The alleged murderer is a man named Kevin Sweat, who has already been arrested and charged with the murder of his girlfriend.  Officials believe that Sweat may have sold one of the weapons used to kill the young girls at a gun show earlier this year and they are now searching for the person who may have purchased that gun.    Prosecutors have already said that they will be seeking the death penalty.

To have your young daughter killed and left along the side of the road is an unimaginable tragedy.  To not know for years exactly what happened must just multiply the pain.  I’m glad at least that these two girls and their families finally will get the justice they deserve.

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