Babysitter Arrested in Gruesome Death of Young Indiana Girl

When you think of the holiday season that most of us are currently enjoying, you probably picture the faces of children who rush down the stairs to see what Santa left under the tree or who sing their sweet carols for proud parents at the school’s winter concert.  It should be a magical time to be a child, so it is gut-wrenching to read stories of boys and girls who instead are victims of violence during this season.

Aliahna Lemmon was a nine-year-old girl in Indiana who had been missing since Friday night.  Her body was found on Monday and the “close family friend” who was reportedly babysitting her while her mom recovered from the flu, Michael Plumadore, has confessed to killing her.

Plumadore shared that he hit the young girl repeatedly in the head with a brick and then dismembered her body.  In a further gruesome act, and one that is reminiscent of the depravity done by Jeffrey Dahmer, he threw most of the girl’s body parts into a commercial trash bin but kept her head, hands, and feet in his freezer.

It is difficult to imagine that such heinous violence came without warning.  I will be curious to read the further details about this man’s personality and past that we are certain to learn over the upcoming days and weeks.  Were there no signs that he was a violent man and, in particular, a monster who could do such a thing to an innocent child?

Plumadore was a neighbor of Lemmon’s mother and she obviously trusted him with the care of Aliahna (as well as Aliahna’s two sisters). There is no doubt that many will question this decision and I already have read comments from people raising concern about the mom’s decisions concerning the safety of her kids.  Let’s be clear, though; the proven fault is only with Michael Plumadore and I hope that in short course Indiana will provide him with the stiff justice that he deserves. 

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2 Responses to Babysitter Arrested in Gruesome Death of Young Indiana Girl

  1. The news of this “person” doing what was reported made my blood run cold. As a father of an 8 y/o girl it sparked an uncomfortable rage. I don’t want to know what prompted him to act as he did. I, like many I’m sure, simply want justice to be carried out.


  2. zencherry says:

    Oh that poor little girl and her family! Why? As much as I try, I can’t reason out how this sort of thing is even possible.


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