Thriller Thursday Guest — Author Richard C Hale

I welcome today Author Richard C Hale with his Young Adult Thriller Frozen Past.  Let’s find out what makes him tick.

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Luke is only fourteen. Eliana is his whole world and for a fourteen year old, the burden is immense. You see, Eliana is being stalked. Stalked by a madman who wants nothing more than to see her dead. The madman knows things that no one should know and sees things that no one should see. He tells them if they say a word to anyone, they will both die. And Luke can’t let that happen.

Eliana’s past is catching up with her and Luke must do anything to save her. Anything.

You can purchase Frozen Past HERE.

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Jennifer Chase: If Luke was trapped in an elevator with three other people, how would your hero devise a plan to escape? Would he take any of the people with them?

Richard C Hale: He’s a kid who likes electronic stuff so he would probably try to rewire the electrical system or use a cell phone to hack into the computer system of the elevator. And oh yea, he’d bring everyone with him.

Jennifer Chase: How do you get inside Luke’s head when writing?

Richard C Hale: I have to put myself back to an age that seems, well, ages ago. It’s tough sometimes, but being a kid can be fun and my 14 year old daughter helps to remind me what it’s all about.

Jennifer Chase: What’s your specific genre? If you could write in any other genre, what would it be and why?

Richard C Hale: I write mainly Thrillers, but mix in some paranormal and creepiness into them. I grew up on Stephen King and he has always influenced my perception of what writing is. I’d like to try my hand at horror too and see what bubbles to the surface.

Jennifer Chase: Why should readers pick up your book Frozen Past?

Richard C Hale: FROZEN PAST is a fast paced, mystery thriller that you will not be able to put down. Make sure you have a weekend or a couple of hours of free time. I’ve had folks tell me, jokingly, that they were pissed because they had stuff to do and didn’t get anything done because they couldn’t put FROZEN PAST down.

Jennifer Chase: What types of emotions will readers experience when they read your book?

Richard C Hale: Almost the full spectrum. Humor, anger, sorrow,  happiness,  joy, even a little jealousy. I like extremes.

Jennifer Chase:  Now, it’s time to play word association with your main character. Please respond with one word that comes to mind (in your main character’s voice) to the words listed below.

Richard C Hale:

Plot – Rescue

2012 – Life

Predator – Worthington

Giggles – Ellie

Rural – Terror

Omnipresence – Magic

Thank you Richard C Hale for stopping by today!

Author Bio:

Richard C Hale has worn many hats in his lifetime including Greens Keeper, Bartender, Musician, Respiratory Therapist, and Veteran Air Traffic Controller. You can usually find him controlling Air Traffic over the skies of the Southeastern U.S. where he lives with his wife and children.

You can find out more about Richard C Hale and his books:




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7 Responses to Thriller Thursday Guest — Author Richard C Hale

  1. donnagalanti says:

    What a fun interview! Not the usual author Q&As for sure. This book sounds like a must read


  2. Terrific Richard and Jennifer!

    Hale is a very talented author, and I say this because I know it for a fact. Having read FROZEN PAST, he’s made a fan in me. He said above he has to think back to when he was the age of his protag to get in his state of mind. I must say Hale does an excellent job of this.


  3. This book sounds as moody as me! Kidding…sort of. On a more serious note, thanks for the awesome interview, and for introducing me to another thriller author. I have nieces who read YA thrillers like crazy… (Birthday shopping, done. ;))


  4. PS I’ve added your blog to my thriller resources page:


  5. Ann Swann says:

    That was a fun interview. Kudos for originality! (both of you)


  6. Richard C Hale says:

    Thanks Guys! Jennifer had such fun questions I couldn’t resist. Can’t wait to come back and do it again. Be well!


  7. Jennifer, I like your blog! I’m an action thriller writer. Wishing you all the best! Sincerely, Vic Tomlinson


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