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Release date: 23rd April 2013

Published by: Kindle Edition


‘Dead Burn’, a new novel by Jennifer Chase, is one of those very special books that not long after starting to read it, you very quickly realise that you have found an amazingly well developed and written story that quickly ‘reels you in’ right from the very start.

The synopsis on the cover of ‘Dead Burn’ provides the reader with an overview that describes the story of ‘Dead Burn’ as being about a vigilante detective called Emily Stone who hunts serial killers and child abductors, covertly and under the law enforcement radar, with her intrinsic skills of criminal profiling and forensic investigation. ‘Terrified California residents face the shocking dilemma of yet another serial killer roaming freely in their neighbourhoods. However, this time it is an evolving serial killer that relentlessly searches for, hunts down, and ingeniously traps his victims before unleashing his fiery rage.’ Within this particular story author Jennifer Chase thoroughly delivers what it ‘says on the tin’ and a whole lot more!

I really enjoyed reading this book. Jennifer Chase’s use of a very clear and descriptive writing style allows a reader to ‘cognitively experience’ the emotions and events that take place ‘within’ and ‘between’ the different characters in this particular gripping and absorbing story. The psychological and behavioural profiles used by the author for each of the individual characters found within this book are very real and you can see that the author’s professional background clearly stands out in relation to this particular aspect in the very strong story line. In trying to provide some descriptors as to what ‘Dead Burn’ is all about and without actually providing any spoilers for this book, I would briefly say that ‘Dead Burn’ is a fictional story about crime, forensic profiling and the tracking and the catching of some quite disturbed criminals. This book contains adventure, thrills and spills, quite a few haunting moments with also a bit of romance thrown into the mix as well!

I would highly recommend ‘Dead Burn’ by Jennifer Chase as a very good and addictive forensic crime read. This book is currently only available in Kindle e-book format from Amazon, but I can see this book eventually becoming a print book best seller and possibly even being produced as a film. It is that good! Also, it is currently very reasonably priced!

This is the very first book that I have read that has been written by the author Jennifer Chase. I am now looking forward hopefully, to reading further new books in this particular series by Jennifer!

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