Getting to Know a Serial Killer Hunter EMILY STONE


It’s been extremely difficult and even a little bit dangerous, but I’ve managed to track vigilante detective Emily Stone down to ask her a few questions.  It seems that she is always on a case and doesn’t want to be disturbed.  Can you blame her?  After all, she does investigate covertly and right under law enforcement’s noses.  It is not unusual that she has stared directly into the eyes of a serial killer.

I’ve been asked some interesting questions from readers that only she can answer.  I had to tread carefully because I don’t want to get on Ms. Stone’s bad side.  I’m shivering at the thought of it.  She has just wrapped up a major serial case in DEAD BURN.  I have managed to get a few moments with her before she jumped into another case – I think it’s a child abduction or maybe a serial killer.  You’ll just have to find out in her next book.


JENNIFER CHASE:  Thanks Emily for taking a few moments to answer some questions.  It’s okay that I call you Emily, right?

EMILY STONE:  Of course.  I only have a few minutes because Rick is waiting for me.

JENNIFER CHASE:  Okay, I’ll make this quick.  It’s amazing how you profile your list of serial suspects and then hone in on the right person.  Do you ever worry that you might not be able to find the killer?

EMILY STONE:  Jennifer, I always worry about not being able to find the killer or abducted child in time, but if I fixate on that fact, then I wouldn’t be able to keep my mind clear and move forward.  I’ll let you in a little secret, every case has some luck involved.  I follow all the clues and put together the best suspect profile based on the crime scene and behavioral evidence that I possibly can.  I’m also very lucky to have Rick, and sometimes Jordan, to help me.  They keep me focused and on my toes.  I couldn’t continue to do what I do without their added expertise.

JENNIFER CHASE:  Have you ever been really scared?  I’m not just talking about a little bit scared, but truly terrified.

EMILY STONE:  (laughs) If I haven’t then I’d be just like the psychopaths I hunt down.  You know better than anybody that I have fears just like everybody else.

JENNIFER CHASE:  What case scared you the most?

EMILY STONE:  (pause) Anytime where a case gets personal, it scares me.  If someone I love is in danger, there is nothing more terrifying because I don’t know what I would do if I lost him.  (a text chimed from her cell phone)  To answer your question, DEAD GAME and DEAD BURN probably tops my list.

JENNIFER CHASE:  It’s no secret that you’ve been in quite a few scuffles and fights.  How often do you practice self-defense moves and firearms training?

EMILY STONE:  I think I’ve had more than my fair share of altercations.  I workout about three times a week and Rick and I target practice at least once a month.

JENNIFER CHASE:  I know that you need to go, but I wanted to switch gears because readers would be mad at me if I didn’t ask these questions.

EMILY STONE:  Go ahead and ask, I don’t know if I will answer.  (smile)

JENNIFER CHASE:  What’s your favorite food?

EMILY STONE:  Italian.

JENNIFER CHASE:  Favorite candy?

EMILY STONE:  (laughs) I have a slight peanut M&Ms addiction that I try to hide from everyone, along with black licorice ropes.

JENNIFER CHASE:  Favorite type of pet?

EMILY STONE:  (stare) My Labrador of course.

JENNIFER CHASE:  Favorite music?

EMILY STONE:  My taste in music falls under the eclectic category.  I love all kinds of music, I listen to what I like in order to match my mood.

JENNIFER CHASE:  What would you do for a profession if you weren’t hunting down serial killers?

EMILY STONE:  I don’t know, you tell me.

JENNIFER CHASE:  How long do you think you can continue hunting these psychopaths?  Physically?  Emotionally?

EMILY STONE:  For as long as it takes Jennifer.  For as long as it takes…

I was about to ask her more questions, but she interrupted me.

EMILY STONE:  Times up. (turns to leave)



JENNIFER CHASE:  Be safe out there, okay?

EMILY STONE:  (smiles) That goes for you too.  I have a feeling that you’re watching over me.

I watched Emily leave and I wondered where her next case would take her.


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