DEAD BURN Now Available in Paperback


“It’s a good day to live.” ~ EMILY STONE


Terrified California residents face the shocking dilemma of yet another serial killer roaming freely in their neighborhoods.  However, this time it is an evolving serial killer anomaly that relentlessly searches for, hunts down, and ingeniously traps his victims before unleashing his fiery rage.  Always two steps ahead of the cops and fire investigators, the killer hones in on the next sinful target leaving a trail of bones and ashes behind as evidence.  It rocks the criminal justice system to the core as a string of arson murders hits inside their turf.

Vigilante detective Emily Stone hunts serial killers and child abductors, covertly and under the law enforcement radar, with her intrinsic skills of criminal profiling and forensic investigation.  With Stone’s toughest case yet, the arson serial killer immediately crosses her radar and sends her into the dark territory of a lethal pyromaniac’s mind – to the point of no return.

While following the clues of the relentless firebomber, Stone grabs the attention of a government anti-terrorist organization called GATE that oversees all law enforcement cases across the U.S., which now focuses their sights on her proven abilities.  They have very specific plans for her, whether she likes it or not.

Everything teeters on the edge of reality, as Stone must battle for her life between a hired assassin and an arson serial killer.  Lines are drawn on both sides of the law.  Friendships and lovers are tested.


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COMPULSION introduces readers to Emily Stone and her covert mission to stalk serial killers and child abductors.  Ride along with not one, but two serial killers as one predator trains another.

DEAD GAME takes you into the high-tech world of a voyeuristic serial killer and inside a video game corporation.

DARK MIND delves into the psychopathic mind of a serial killer that plagues an island paradise with a brutal frenzy of ancient superstitions and folklore.


Praise for DEAD BURN:

“Jennifer Chase knows her stuff when it comes to police procedures, and that coupled with her effortless writing style makes for a very enjoyable read. This was my first Jennifer Chase book, but it certainly will not be my last!”

“`Dead Burn’, a new novel by Jennifer Chase, is one of those very special books that not long after starting to read it, you very quickly realise that you have found an amazingly well developed and written story that quickly `reels you in’ right from the very start.”

“If you like mystery, suspense and the occasional shocking, unexpected event, you will love this book.”

“If you like thrillers, get this book, a bottle of antacid tablets, and clear your calendar for a few days so you won’t be interrupted. Advise your family that you are not to be disturbed, under penalty of your wrath if they do disturb you. Then prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster that will challenge your stamina. This is a story you will not soon forget.”

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