Curious About the 31 Things Frightening to a Criminologist?

Karloff-Boris-Bride-of-FrankensteinIt’s that time again. It’s the scariest month of the year with Halloween fast approaching.  The chills are chasing me.  I thought I’d keep up with my yearly tradition and post what actually scares a criminologist and crime fiction author.  Some things have stayed the same, but I’ve updated a few more scary items.

Just in case you were wondering…

1.                   People text messaging and surfing the Internet when they drive.

2.                  Cleaning the cat litter box.

3.                  Men who wear socks with sandals.

4.                  People identifying themselves with three first names.

5.                  Children that know more about technology than I do.

6.                  The huge gap in peace and common sense resolution among society.

7.                  The rapidly increasing size of the ordinary garden gopher.

8.                 Clowns – ANY type of clowns – period – end of story – don’t need to explain any further.

9.                 Rats in my attic.

10.               Actually knowing the words to most 1980s songs.

11.                Political debates where the debaters don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

12.               Thinking it was only my imagination – that squeaky floorboard, gust of wind from nowhere, or someone calling my name.

13.               Feeling completely comfortable and relaxed (all alone) studying serial killers and crime scenes.

14.              Not being able to buy new shoes – more shoes – more shoes – more shoes.

15.              Bees.

16.              Enjoying television reruns including reality shows.

17.              Knowing when the phone is about to ring.

18.              Thinking that “real superheroes” are actually forensic scientists and cold case detectives.

19.              Relating to Sigourney Weaver’s character “Helen Hudson” in the 1995 movie Copycat.

20.              The growing number of cold cases every year.

21.              The annoying ticking of the clock above my desk.

22.              People who don’t like black dogs or black cats.

23.              The increasing number of endangered species.

24.              People without a sense of humor – or people who think they have a sense of humor.

25.              Predatory people looking for child victims.

26.              Fast food French fries having a shelf life of 100 years or more — but I like them anyway.

27.              Having to find a scarier book or movie than the last one.

28.              Feeling comfortable in my own shoes (there’s that shoe thing again).

29.              Not knowing what’s around every corner.

30.              Watching time fly.

31.              And finally… the most scariest thing of all… being chained down and not being able to write every day (see photo at top of list).

So, what really scares you?

C’mon share some things with me, I’m dying to know!


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3 Responses to Curious About the 31 Things Frightening to a Criminologist?

  1. 1) Politicians that keep getting elected regardless of what they do/don’t do.
    2) Politicians.


  2. Caleb Pirtle says:

    Sorry, Jennifer. But, either fortunately or unfortunately, I know the words to all of the songs from the 1950s. And it’s the fright of not knowing what’s around the corner that inspires you to write mysteries about whatever is lurking around the corner.


  3. donnagalanti says:

    People who leave their kids in the car while running in to the store!
    Someone taking my son
    My own imagination
    My old-farmhouse cellar 🙂
    BTW, I love bees = especially bumble bees. Too cute and how can you be afraid of something with the word “bumble” in the name?


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