The Cops, The Undead, and The Nightmare From Hell


You would think that I would be a horror writer, at least for the most part, but I’ve almost kept my little secret, well a secret.  In truth, I enjoy many genres.  My primary writing path took me into thrillers and crime fiction and that has been a blast – don’t worry it will continue as long as I can write or that there’s even one more breath in my body. 

There has been a little more sinister side to my writing prose. In fact, I would call it a writing adventure into the horror, scary, and even monstrous with some paranormal thrown in for good measure.  I can’t actually remember what was the very first horror film I saw, but whatever it was it didn’t stop me from watching more.  When I was a kid, I never slept with a nightlight or begged for my bedroom door to stay open to let a sliver of light into the darkened room.  You could say that I was fearless when it came to the pitch black of a child’s bedroom.

I have many stories that I would like to pursue in the horror genre.  I decided to unleash my first short story a while back to see what I was made of, and if it was something that I would pursue in the future.  So, FIRST WATCH was created …

What was the first horror movie you ever watched?  At least with your eyes open!



(A Short Story)

What started as a routine traffic stop on a deserted country road, turned into a terrifying battle of life and death. Could all the horror stories be true?

The chase is on…

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  1. Caleb Pirtle says:

    Jennifer, send a cover image and synopsis, and I will feature the short story on Authors Showcase:


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