The Thankfulness of a Writer

blogpost1I know that many of the readers who follow this blog are fellow writers, and I thank you for your support as we all pursue the craft that we love. With that in mind and in light of the Thanksgiving holiday we will be enjoying this week, I wanted to find out what some of you are thankful specifically in terms of your writing.

Maybe it’s time. If you are busy with family, another job that pays the bills or one of life’s many other consumers of our hours, those quiet moments that you can find to sit and write are precious.

It could be a new laptop that makes your brainstorming and editing progress with ease as you move around thoughts and maybe even entire chapters. Or, it could be the smell of a brand-new notebook or legal pad as you prefer to get your thoughts into print the old-fashioned way.

Is it the first person who really believed in your writing and told you so? Just knowing there is at least one person in your corner can make all the difference.

Or, on a related note, I am sure that many of us are thankful for that one author we read as a kid or young adult who made us think, “I want to do that, too!” Do you have a writer to whom you can point as the inspiration for your work today?

For me, the first person to make me take notice of my writing skills was a high school English teacher, Mr. O’Connell, who stopped me after class on day.  He asked me whether or not if I had thought about becoming a writer.  At the time, I had other plans but I still wonder what he saw in my writing that I didn’t see.

Of course, there are countless reasons for all of us to be thankful, whether they are related to our writing or not. I hope that no matter where this holiday week takes you and how busy it becomes with travel and catching up with friends and family, you have a couple of moments to reflect by yourself about all for which you are thankful this season.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

I look forward to learning about your writing-related thankfulness in the comments! Please share!


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3 Responses to The Thankfulness of a Writer

  1. Jami Gray says:

    Writing may be a solitary endeavor but I’m thankful for my family, who doesn’t mind me slipping away with my characters, for all the dedicated editors/publishers out there who strive to help us grow and give us a chance to shine. I’m especially grateful to my hubby and parents, both of which hounded my butt to sit down and write because they knew someday they’d get to read my stories in print. And last, but never least, the awesome community of fellow authors and readers, who are always there with a positive word or a kick in the pants.
    Happy holidays, Jennifer!


  2. I, like you, owe my literary awakening to my twelfth grade English teacher, Ms Westby. I am not schooled in the mechanics of literacy, but pay close attention to what I write, all thanks to Ms Westby and her encouragement. Any writer who is thankful in their heart, most likely has a good teacher to remember. I’m thankful that I have matured enough to be forgiving of many things that at one time bothered me, and I am happier for it. I’m thankful that I have been allowed to see the development of my faith. I’m thankful for the support of the most important person in my life, and her forgiveness and understanding of my devotion to this craft I try to build. I’m thankful for the gift of being able to be thankful.


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