What Would You Write in Your Crime Scene Investigator’s Notebook?

Author Jennifer Chase

investigationThe job of a crime scene investigator isn’t glamorous or exotic as it is portrayed on popular television shows or even in the movies.  This daunting task is extremely important and necessary for any criminal police investigation in order to find out who committed the crime and to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice.

In my latest thriller DEAD BURN, Emily Stone tracks down serial killers and uses techniques of crime scene investigators in order to gather evidence anonymously for the police.  She uses procedures that many investigators use at homicide crime scenes and she is careful not to disturb potential evidence.  She takes identifying photos from various distances and searches potential crime scenes in a grid pattern.  You can discover how vigilante detective Emily Stone approaches a crime scene after the police have already conducted their investigation in Compulsion, Dead Game, and Dark Mind.

In real

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