Guest Author: Douglas Wickard and Perfect


… A transatlantic cruise bound for Rome …
… An Italian Dynasty celebrated for centuries …
… A “besties” plan to have fun and forget … heal and move on …

Sometimes, the past catches up with you …
Sometimes, the past can get in the way …
The results can sometimes be … sheer murder



Some trips just shouldn’t be taken! 

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Amazon Review:

“Warning!! Make sure you have some time to read, coz once you start reading this story, you won’t want to put it down!!… I decided to buy this book after seeing a 5 Star recommendation from a friend with similar tastes in fiction… I have to say it totally pulled me in right from the start, throughout the whole book, then at the end it left me wanting more of this talented author’s works!”

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A Perfect Husband

A Perfect Setup

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2 Responses to Guest Author: Douglas Wickard and Perfect

  1. danagriffin says:

    I’ve read all of Douglas’ books and admire his talent to immerse a reader into the story and hold them until the story ends leaving the reader anxious for the next book. I’m looking forward to PERFECT.


  2. Pat O'Meara says:

    I too have read all Douglas has written – a maestro at storytelling whose brilliant novels keep you totally engrossed , on the edge of your seat and page turning till the very last pages have been read. Very much looking forward to reading the new novel PERFECT.


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