Vigilante Detective Emily Stone is Blog Hopping with Some Awesome Authors


I heard from a very reliable source that Emily Stone is calling in for some serious back up – for the first time ever.  She is going to be blog hopping with some amazing mystery and thriller authors.  It’s ten authors she wants to watch her back.

It is time for a celebration!

Why?  For the first time ever, the release of Emily Stone’s “live-action” novel film short is going to make all the rounds.

Find out what makes Emily Stone tick.  Watch the novel film short here:

I highly recommend checking out the author’s websites and blogs  listed below.  Just click on each name and peruse the sites to learn about each author, their books, as well as entertaining and informative blog posts.  It’s amazing what you can learn by reading someone’s blog.

Be sure to check back on my blog on the dates listed below for some surprises and new books from these authors.  The blog tour is about to begin.

Remember, it’s a celebration!


October 7th – Scott Bury

October 10th – Caleb Pirtle

October 14 – Douglas Wickard

October 17th – Robert Pruneda

October 21st – Dana Griffin

October 24th – Gary Ponzo

October 28th – Andy Holloman

October 31st – Gary Starta

November 4th – Ben Sobieck

November 7th – Helen Hanson

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10 Responses to Vigilante Detective Emily Stone is Blog Hopping with Some Awesome Authors

  1. danagriffin says:

    WOW!!! Awesome film. Don’t mess with Emily Stone. I loved watching that. Thank you for the mention here. See you on the 21st.


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