Guest Author: Gary Starta and Blood Web


FBI Special Agent Caitlin Diggs faces a paranormal killer when a crystal takes over a teen and leads her on a chase across the country. Empowering the teen with supernatural abilities, the crystal exacts revenge on descendants of soldiers responsible for the Sand Creek Massacre but it also has a taste for neurotransmitter serotonin which it needs from humans to continue its consciousness.

Agent Diggs is the only FBI agent in the bureau to consider extreme possibilities and surmises the teen has a means to track his victims via DNA.

A heart pounding cat and mouse game ensues as Diggs attempts to fool the teen she is his next victim but as she plays with fire, a former military man begins to see the crystal as the perfect ingredient for a mind control weapon. Because the crystal possesses sentience it can counter Diggs’ plan for its demise and possibly exert mind control over her as well.
Can Diggs stop this biological internet from taking more victims, becoming a tool for mass mind control and resist the lure of its blood web?

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“This book was hands down the best fiction eBook I have read in a long while. This author will definitely be on my list of authors to watch! The story was an interesting mix of mystery, thriller and science fiction. Maybe you could even consider it a supernatural thriller, based on history. The imagery was amazing, as the author painted very wonderful pictures of the settings and the characters. I could vividly imagine the entire book, as if it were a movie in my mind. The concept of the book was like nothing I have ever read before! The characters were very well developed and the antagonist was surprising! It will definitely keep your attention if you read it (which you should!) I can’t wait to read more books in the Caitlin Diggs’ Series and I know if you take the time to purchase and read this book, you will want to also! Absolutely LOVED it!”


“This was a great book! There’s SO MUCH to like, and it is all intertwined but not overly complicated. There is love/lust, action, adventure, intrigue… I don’t usually read sci fi OR paranormal, but this was recommended by a friend and it was a GREAT recommendation! This book crosses genres and appeals to a wide audience. Starta is definitely a writer on the way up. Keep an eye open for the next ones!”


“Rivers and Diggs are such good characters that the author has crafted I really feel like I am there with them through a lot of the story. This one starts out at a million miles an hour and barely slows down at all the entire way through. The twists and turns come at you from every angle and the finish will not fail to impress. 5 stars all the way!”


“This is one of those exciting books you just fly through. “Was it hours since the hailstorm subsided? Or days?” Great opening line and the prologue was even better. Blood Web: Caitlin Diggs Series #1 by Gary Starta is an exciting thriller that I couldn’t let go of! Gritty and filled with True characters. Diggs is a strong character that I believe in. Love this line, “Her thoughts flipped like passing television channels.” Shenk is a real piece of work. This is another cool line “Shenk likened America to one big broken family in desperate need of someone or something that could glue it back together.” The author weaves a good plot that surprised me several times and intrigued me the whole way. The author brings a lot of real life to the story. More than the authentic characters, there were no holes in the story. I can’t wait for the next book! Recommended read, five stars.”


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