The Criminal Mind in the Digital Age

blogpost1The advancement in technology just in the past eight to ten years, particularly in the areas of the internet and social media, has been astonishing. We now can know what our friends from high school are having for dinner every night or when their kids win a spelling bee, instead of just catching up on major life highlights every five years or so at a reunion in the old cafeteria. A few individuals can spark political movements that gain attention in every corner of the world. News is spread across the globe in seconds. Members of communities are better able to look out for one another when crime threats and suspicious behaviors are shared. I have the chance to reach you through this blog!

But with anything that is so intrinsic and influential in our lives every day, technology comes with a downside. Clinical psychologist Stanton Samenow was asked recently why a new edition of his book Inside the Criminal Mind was needed if, presumably, the criminal mind has remained the same. He answered that while the factors that motivate and excite criminals have not changed, the venues through which they can act out their twisted plans have expanded.

Samenow notes that criminals no longer have to steal a wallet and hope to find one or two credit cards when they instead can manipulate cyberspace and steal account information from millions. Sexual predators can assume a charming persona from behind the anonymity of a computer screen in order to lure the vulnerable. The mind may operate as it did 100 years ago, but it now has so much more fuel on which to run.

Have you thought much about how social media and other aspects of the digital age in which we live has carved new opportunities for criminals? Does it affect how you use such technology?


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1 Response to The Criminal Mind in the Digital Age

  1. danagriffin says:

    Yeah, I’ve thought, and worried, about these things. If I allow myself to dwell on it, I can be down right frightened to think what life will be like twenty-five years from now.


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