Brazilian Man Confesses to Killing More Than Forty

serialkillersThere can be an argument made that time spent within the prison system can serve the purpose of rehabilitation. Perhaps someone robbed a convenience store or drove while intoxicated and during his sentence he gets an education and learns a job skill or attends therapy sessions to cope with an addiction issue. In such instances, a criminal offender can return to freedom in his community and hopefully make better choices. But there are psychological factors at play with some violent acts for which no intervention will make a difference.

blogpost1Sailson Jose das Gracas was arrested in Brazil last week on suspicion of murdering a woman in the Rio de Janeiro area. It did not take long before he confessed to killing a total of thirty-nine victims over the course of ten years, with each of those claims now being investigated by authorities. If his assertions hold true, das Gracas will prove one of the worst serial killers in that nation’s history.

Das Gracas said in a television interview, “When I didn’t kill, I would pace around the house, and then when I killed, it calmed me.” Can you imagine? Not to make light of the psychology but to try to put it in perspective, I calm my nerves by taking a long walk with my dog or sitting with a cup of tea. This man found such relief in taking the life of another human. Das Gracas further shared that he would kill again if given the freedom to do so, no matter how many years from now such a release from custody may occur. Without bars separating him from the rest of society, he will be compelled to continue his twisted acts.

I study criminal behavior and have for years, but continue to be struck by stories such as this one. The drive to kill and the psychological release that comes from draining life from another human is both terrifying and fascinating . . . I even titled my first Emily Stone novel Compulsion to highlight this pathology. We still have so much to learn about the criminal mind but I know members of our law enforcement do their best to keep all of us safe.


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