Vigilante Detective Emily Stone Answers 5 Questions #NewRelease #Thriller

closeupEmilyI receive many questions about the heroine in my Emily Stone Thriller Series.  I thought it might be fun to ask her a few questions.  She was my inspiration and creation after a personal experience with a real psychopath.  But enough about me, let us ask Emily Stone a few questions.

(Interview reposted by permission from Emily Stone)

* * *

Jennifer Chase:  Thank you Ms. Stone for taking the time to stop by to answer five questions.  I know that you have never given an interview because you work covertly and wish to remain anonymous.  First, tell us a little bit about your working background.

Emily Stone:  I was a police deputy sheriff for almost eight years in Indiana.  I worked patrol, special investigations and was overlooked for SWAT.  My primary interest was to work child cases.  I felt it was where I could make a difference.  I studied forensics and criminal profiling intensely through college courses and police seminars.

JC:  Now you are working on your own hunting down serial killers and child abductors.  What made you decide to quit the police department and work on your own? Was it something that happened to you? Did they make you quit?

Emily Stone:  I have the background, training, and determination.  It’s a calling, or need if you will, that I feel strongly about.  Why I quit the department is a personal decision that I’m not prepared to discuss right now.  EmilyStone_EI find that I could do more work effectively behind the scenes as a ghost detective unrestrained by police politics in order to assist various law enforcement agencies.  They’ve never questioned my anonymous emails or where my complete investigations came from.  In fact, they are relieved to have assistance and most of the time the forensic evidence helps to find a serial killer or child abductor.

JC:  It must be dangerous work.  Do you ever worry about your personal safety? 

Emily Stone:  Of course, but I plan ahead, make deliberate decisions and do not act on impulse or emotions.  Well… at least most of the time (softly laughs).  I’m an expert with firearms and self-defense. EmilyStone_workoutI am always learning new techniques to keep me alive.  I’m also fortunate to have someone on my side – so I’m not alone now.  I don’t know if I would have quit or found another way of conducting my investigations if it weren’t for him. (Her voice faded as she thought about Rick)

JC:  I’m familiar with serial crime and what potentially drives the various types of serial killers. Give us an example of your method of finding a serial killer.

Emily Stone:  That is a complex question, but I will give you a quick overview in the time I have available.  I start at the beginning with the crime scene or crime scenes. I ask myself many questions.  Why this particular area to kill or dump the body?  What does this area mean to the killer? What behavioral evidence is evident from the crime? Quite often, police overlook the areas that are indeed part of the crime scene, such as the areas that transport a person to the actual dumping ground.  I make the crime scene areas much larger in my investigations than the police initially conducted theirs.  Almost like clockwork, I find subtle clues that helps to give the beginning insight into the killer’s motives, behavior, modus operandi, signature, and if and when he’ll kill again.  Every case is different, but my methods are always the same. That’s what makes it work.

JC:  Ms. Stone where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Emily Stone:  That’s your sixth question.  I’m sorry, but those cases haven’t been written yet and I’m not prepared to discuss them with you.

* * *

As you can see, Emily Stone seems to be capable and matter of fact when it comes to her covert investigative work, but her anonymity is imperative for her to be effective with these types of cases. If you would like to find out how she handles herself in forensic investigations and what happens when she’s confronted by the bad guys, check out her newest case in Dark Pursuit.


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  1. Dana Griffin says:

    Cool interview. It was good to get to know Emily a little better.

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  2. Ben says:

    This is a cool concept, a little different from the regular ways to promo a character. I especially like Emily’s last answer.

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