EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 5 More Questions for Vigilante Detective Emily Stone #NewRelease #DeadCold


I have received many questions from readers about vigilante detective Emily Stone and what exactly makes her tick. I was fortunate enough to ask her a few questions previously and she was adamant about not answering any more questions—due to her covert status of course. So, I decided to apply a little bit of pressure and explained to her that I have the power to kill off any character I choose in the next book. Emily changed her mind and was willing to answer some questions.

Now on to the interview…

(Note: Interview posted by permission from Emily Stone)


JENNIFER CHASE: Thank you Emily for joining us again to answer a few questions.

EMILY STONE: You’re welcome. Jennifer, you know that I cannot stay mad at you for long. But readers need to understand that this interview was under somewhat threatening circumstances, and I’m giving you time for five questions.

JC: Thank you for reminding me. I know how busy you are and there are more killers to catch, and most importantly, lives to save.

Readers want to know what scares you the most about your covert work?

EMILY STONE: I have the same fears as anyone else, but many times during the investigations, I’m alone. I don’t always have the luxury of having Rick by my side. This puts even more stress, and yes, fear, into the situation. EmilyStone_Stills_006AMy biggest fear is not saving the victim in time. I live with the consequences of the decisions I make—whether it’s good or bad—I live with that every day. The victim has my undivided attention and all my efforts are in rescuing them and stopping the killer.

JC: In your investigations, most of the time the police have already searched and collected the evidence from the crime scenes. How do you formulate a plan of attack to search crime scenes and then assemble the evidence under these circumstances?

EMILY STONE: I won’t lie to you, crimes scenes are the most difficult part of my job. I generally have no choice but wait until the detective in charge has completed the crime scene investigation. Contamination is a big problem—even under the most perfect circumstances, crime scenes can be challenging. What I face afterward can be impossible.  However, I’ve rarely found that every piece of telling evidence has been discovered. As you and readers of the series know, I like to expand the crime scene area about twice a large, look at the area in a three-dimensional view, and I let my training and instincts take center stage. I’m in my element and it’s where I can detach myself from everything else.

As for my evidence collection, my techniques might be considered old school, I use three large white boards with lists outlining physical evidence, behavioral evidence, and law enforcement reports. However, recently I’ve been using electronic technology to stay updated at any given time.

JC: What’s the most difficult aspect you face when tracking a killer?

EMILY STONE It’s very difficult for both Rick and I to retrace the killer’s steps trying to find something that will lead us in the right direction. Every case is different. Every piece of evidence is different. StoneBlogEvery case many times has very little information to go on—making it almost impossible. No matter how difficult the case—I keep pushing, reevaluating, and challenging myself—until I do find a lead.

JC: I know you have battled your fair number of bad guys with hand-to-hand combat, as well as a few gun battles. You have the physical and mental scars to show for it.

How do you keep physically fit and ready for anything thrown at you?

EMILY STONE: I have to not only keep my mind sharp and focused; I have to stay in shape physically with cardio and weight training. I train five days a week (time permitting) as if I was training for a triathlon, mixing it up with fight and self-defense moves. EmilyStone_workoutI never hold back—ever.

JC: I have one more question.


JC: If there were one thing you could change about your life, what would it be?

EMILY STONE: (long pause) I’ve chosen my life and dangerous lifestyle with my eyes wide open, and I’m well aware of the consequences and sacrifices. I’ve been blessed with having a fantastic, strong, intelligent, loving man at my side. (another pause) There are some days, only a few, I think about family and being a mother.

My life is in your hands, right?  So take me to the next case…


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