It Happened One Dark Night…


The blustery wind hammered the sides of the house and across the windows, but the rain refused to fall before darkness descended. High-pitched tunes of the winter season squeezed through the age cracks in between the old weather-stripping and electrical outlets.

Nothing seemed the same anymore. What began as a comfortable home in a new town and a new state gradually turned to dread.

The unexplained incidents never entered into everyday conversations, but the uncomfortable feeling was obvious by the subtle reactions from guests that fidgeted and made excuses to leave early. Something definitely wasn’t right about the house.

The icy fingers slowly crawled up her spine as the instant shivers and cold sweats rattled her bones. The normal ambient temperature fluctuated from comfortable to the bitter depths from beyond. It wasn’t just the usual miseries of the drop in temperature from the time of year; it was something much more sinister.

Deep, guttural voices and heavy footsteps from one of the upstairs bedrooms amped up the imagination and sent her heart racing against an unknown entity. A constant presence pressed down in her personal space, a breath on her neck or heaviness against her arm. Annoying games of hide-and-seek with everyday items around the house further proved a solid case for the paranormal.

The wind blew harder outside and the tree branches reached out like the tentacles of the undead.

Alone in the house again, the teenage girl stood at the threshold with her hand steady on the doorknob, she turned it slowly, and the door burst open. The rush of winter air slapped her face and chilled her body.

Leaving the door wide open, she jogged down the driveway to retrieve the mail and pushed her mind to think of something else besides the house.

Before she reached the street, the front door slammed shut, but the deadbolt slide into place with an incredible force. A gesture demanding some type of final recognition made it almost unbearable to grasp.

She glanced up at the window above. A distorted, shadowy face stared back at her with monstrous eyes too terrifying to describe but it was impossible to look away…


Do you think this is a work of fiction or something much more sinister? You be the judge…


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